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Getting it Right

While execution speed is always important, getting it done right and building the infrastructure to last and scale is the most critical aspect in winning.  We are dedicated to ensuring we develop deep relationships for the best results.

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Our resume 

​TC Greenfield hosts strong backgrounds in various parts of the benefits technology and insurance verticals.  The network of experts have held roles in leadership and transformation at some of the most innovative and prominent companies, for example:

  • Some of the largest, fastest growing benefits brokerage firms nationally and regionally

  • Some of the fastest growing and most innovative HR and benefits technology companies

  • National insurance carriers

  • Industry consultants and research organizations

Savvy Collaboration 

TC Greenfield is a plug-and-play consulting organization that meets you and your teams where you're at today by working quickly and efficiently.  We pride ourselves on leveraging the latest in productivity tools and processes to reduce your time and expenses, and make you happier.  Whether we're in GSuite, Microsoft, Slack, Web Conferencing, PM tools, WhatsApp/Telegram, etc or any other tools, processes and programs that you’re used to, we'll be there each step of the way. 

Partner Styles

Every company has different DNA, unique talents, and different needs... we strive to meet you where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.  Custom arrangements are common in our dealings with clients.  However, below we’ve laid out a few classic ideals in working together to provide framing for what a partnership could look like. 


Hourly or Proof of Concept - The fastest way to get started - allows us to help in a few areas quickly with the least amount of resources and logistical needs.  Great way to get our partnership started and see how well we can work together.


Project Based - Defined project w/ milestones, outcomes, or stages as it relates to goals and timelines.  


Performance Based - Measured by key performance indicators typically associated with growth or operational trends and milestones.

Our principles 

  • Make our clients shine

  • Listen more

  • Build it to last

  • Execute all the way through

  • Have Empathy

  • Be honest

  • Be enthusiastic

  • Swift collaboration

  • Agility is paramount

  • Relationships drive success


San Francisco, CA

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