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We help the most innovative technology solutions build and deploy their software in the most effective ways possible.  

This includes startups and tenured software models who want to strategically expand, pivot, disrupt, or deploy a new product. We work with founders, strategy leaders, product leaders, sales IT, C-suite, and consultants.

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Service Examples

Strategic Pivots or expansion

Installing a digital brokerage 

Insurance and benefits productization

Product Support

Process and back-end infrastructure 

Project Examples

Consulted a national HR software solution on standing up a cutting-edge digital insurance brokerage

Consulted a payroll software company looking to build and deploy a new benefits software module

Consulted a new, digital-first B2C financial software platform on standing up a national brokerage and insurance marketplace

Signing a Contract

Consulted several insurance product platforms on sales, support, distribution and marketplace presence.


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