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TC Greenfield is a San Francisco Bay Area - based consulting firm that delivers high impact and timely solutions to clients in the Technology, Insurance Benefits, Brokerage, and HR verticals.  TC Greenfield provides the most unique perspectives from the best experts available in the market today.

Who we serve 


Portfolio of Projects

Who we are

​TC Greenfield hosts strong backgrounds in various parts of the benefits technology and insurance verticals. The network of experts have held roles in leadership and transformation at some of the most innovative and prominent companies, for example:

  • The largest, fastest growing benefits brokerage firms nationally

  • The fastest growing and most innovative HR and benefits technology companies

  • National insurance carriers and new consumer-drive solutions and products

  • Industry consultants and research organizations

Reasons organizations partner with us 

  • Stay ahead of the market's behaviors and innovate

  • Analyze a new market approach, new product, service or a unique shift in strategy

  • Planning and executing large projects or new strategic initiatives

  • Invest in the latest technology, insurance, and benefits models

  • Improve outcomes and accelerate internal projects or initiatives

  • Provide the best benefits services, tools, support to their employees in the “future of work” models


our services can benefit your company

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